Ministries of the Church

Ministering the Bread of Life to the Hungry of Heart.

Focus Youth
FOCUS Youth is the 6th-12th grade teen ministry at Parks Crossroads Christian Church. They meet each Wednesday night at 7:00pm in the Fellowship Hall. The youth program is headed by Ransom Love. The youth program represents our commitment to our young people’s spiritual growth. Many trips and outings are planned each year, with emphasis on serving God and our community, while having fun as well.

PC Kids
Children 3 years old to 5th grade meet each Wednesday night at 7:00 PM in the Fellowship Hall to sing and learn about the Lord. Ransom Love leads PC Kids on Wednesday nights.  The children rarely want to leave when church is over because of the time they have had together.

Little Ones
our youngest ones, from birth through the preschool ages, can experience loving care that will contribute to their understanding of God’s love and compliment the care they receive at home. These precious ones are lovingly cared for in our nursery and toddler rooms. These nurseries are available during all church services. They are located through the door by the piano at the front of the sanctuary, strait back through all the doors and take a right at the end of the hallway. (Please click the heading for more information.)

Women’s Ministries and Ladies’ Missionary Society
The Ladies’ Missionary Society meets in the church fellowship hall each month on the Tuesday following the first Sunday. This organization provides love and support to people in the Church and community in times of need and sorrow. They support various missionary groups and individuals in their calling to follow Christ, by raising money to help them as well as supporting them with prayer. They also help with dinners, gatherings and other Church functions, as well as providing study sessions in the understanding the Bible during each meeting. (Please click the heading for more information.)

Senior Saints
This ministry is for those people age 65 and older. There are luncheons held throughout the year to encourage fellowship. Trips are also planned to allow these folks the opportunity to travel and see great attractions together. Such trips are Myrtle Beach, SC; Charleston, SC; Pigeon Forge, TN; Lancaster, PA; and various day trips. Our Senior Saints are a wonderful testimony to the younger generation. (Please click the heading for more information.)

3WE: Sending Gospel Bracelets
3WE  (Wearable Witness for World Evangelism) is a non-profit organization that exists to provide gospel bracelets (bracelets that have the colors used in the wordless book presentation of the gospel) to Chrisitan organizations and missionaries all over the world.  Through contacts that have been made, we are able to purchase the materials, make the bracelets, and ship them for $25 for 200 bracelets.  The organization began in October of 2008 and we have already shipped over 40,000 bracelets. (Please click the heading for more information.)

The cemetery is a  ministry to families in times of deep sorrow. Many stop by to visit family graves or to research their family ancestry. If you are researching your family tree and wonder if a family member is buried in the church cemetery, you can visit   If you  have any further questions, please contact the church office at 336-824-6622.

4BC December: A Walk to the Beginning of Christmas
4BC December: A Walk to the Beginning of Christmas is an live, outdoor, walking drama that will take you back to the time of the birth of Jesus Christ.  This annual ministry began in 2008 and is a ministry that involves most of the church family. Attendees follow Isha or Micaiah as they journey in search of the promised Messiah.  They travel to Bethlehem from an oasis on the way from Nazareth where they here the royal decree. Inside Bethlehem, a market filled with merchants greets them, and they continue to the inn that had no room for Mary and Joseph to the stable that was the first sanctuary of the Messiah.  Attendees learn historical facts from that time period, get a fresh perspective of the difficulty of that time, interact with the characters, and even see live animals, including live camels!  You do not want to miss this amazing drama of the beginning of Christmas! (Please click the heading for more information.)

Ramseur Food Pantry
Our church is one of several churches that take part in the Ramseur Food Pantry. The food pantry serves the Ramseur community in a very tangible way. Church volunteers take a week at a time per church to work at the food pantry helping meet needs in the Ramseur area.

Church Library
The Library is open for use by the members of the Church before every Sunday and Wednesday service. Our Library is stocked with hundreds of books, videos, study guides and reference materials. You will find a wealth of information here and games for everyone to enjoy.

Faith Promise
Faith Promise is a program of giving over and beyond one’s normal obligations. This program allows us to support missionaries on foreign fields spreading the Gospel, in addition to missionaries supported by the Church.

Ramseur Ministerial Association
The pastoral staff is very involved in the Ramseur Ministerial Association which helps and ministers to the local community and helps the church’s work together to point our community to Jesus Christ and enjoy the fellowship and unity found in Christ.